The Social Impact Design Project Analyzer

> A tool to learn about social design. 

The Social Impact Design (SID) Project Analyzer is a tool to learn about the criteria that define a great social design project. It includes 21 cards with the characteristics that a project should have and a poster with the icons for all of them. The poster also has cuts in order to place the cards on top of the corresponding icon. The tool can be used in different ways, according to each individual needs, for example:

+ To analyze an existing SID project and define which method was applied to solve the problem.

+ As a visual guide to approach a new project. You can have the poster as a reminder of all the criteria that should be considered. Once a characteristic has been covered the corresponding card can be placed on the poster. By doing this we can quickly identify the criteria that still needs to be solved.

+ As a tool to teach others about the characteristics that define a great SID project.


Anhalt University of Applied Sciences
Subject: Social Impact Design (SoSe 2015)
Advisor: Prof. Mark Kwami
Dessau, Germany