Where are the new reformers?

> A proposal for the 500th Anniversary of Martin Luther's Reformation.

As many other small cities in Germany, Wittenberg’s population is slowly shrinking. Once young people realize there’s no opportunities to study or work there, they move to bigger cities without looking back. Consequently, all the new ideas are being developed somewhere else. The intention behind the video is to get attention to this problem and inspire people to find a way to bring new proposals to Wittenberg, where everything revolves around Martin Luther’s Reformation.

This video aims to promote the creation of the New Reformers Conference, which will be a platform to get all those new ideas together and discuss different ways to implement them. After 500 years of the Reformation, the celebration should be not only about brave ideas from the past, but about bright ideas for the future.

Anhalt University of Applied Sciences
Subject: 4D, Luther Rules (SoSe 2015)
Advisor: Prof. Hermann Wolfram Klöckner
Stephanie Muscelli
Dessau, Germany