Initially, it was producing only handbags, which is the reason why this article was selected to represent the brand. The idea here was quite simple: to design an accessory, that contains a “P”. To see more about this project click here.

Personal Project / Maracaibo, Venezuela / 2008 - 2013

Promo Eléctrica 2010

A logo that identified 2010 electrical engineering graduates of the University of Zulia (LUZ), in their promotional material such as t-shirts, cups, notebooks, and others.

Freelance Project / Maracaibo, Venezuela / 2010


Both logos were featured in Venezuela CMYK: Brands in 2012. The book, as the name suggests, is about the history of the brands in Venezuela. It presents several case studies, previously selected, including the two samples of my work. You can take a look at the book below. 

Book: Venezuela CMYK: Brands (2012), by José José Villamizar.