Inventory of Failure

> A micro-typography exercise. 

This booklet was the result of a micro-typography exercise, based on the theme “Failure”. After the initial research and discussions, we were asked to write a couple of stories about failure, in our native language. We ended up collecting 32 stories, from 10 countries, in 8 languages. The task was to take all the stories and produce a booklet using only typography.

For my proposal, I classified the stories according to the country. My intention was to highlight the titles as the “big failures”, using the biggest typography size on the booklet. The countries were located on the lowest row, using the smallest typography size, to represent “the shame caused by their failures”. For the flow of the booklet, I wanted to place the texts in an “organized chaos”, to represent the cycle of failures: trying something, failing, trying again, learning, trying one more time, and hopefully at some point, succeeding.


The grid

The levels

The hierarchy

The spaces


The flow:

The final result:

Anhalt University of Applied Sciences
Subject: Typography (WiSe 2015 - 2016)
Advisor: Dipl. Des. Torsten Köchlin
Dessau, Germany