> Experiments with biomaterials. 

Grannie is a series of experiments with HACOsoft® Ingeo, a polylactic acid biopolymer. The main idea was to take advantage of the material translucent property and discover what kind of interesting results could come out after doing different tests with it. The material was dyed, sewed, folded, pressed, mixed with other materials and exposed to different temperatures in order to get diverse outcomes. Here is part of the process and the final products. 


Here are some of the experiments conducted, in order to create a decorative bowl:

GRANNIE 64 / On a small piece of the material, a heart shape was stitched using a needle and thread. After that, it was microwaved at 900 Watts for 3 minutes between baking paper and two plastic trays. This final result, almost transparent, was only possible to get using a microwave and constant pressure on the material.

GRANNIE 72 / The material was folded and stitched using a needle and thread. Next, it was put in the oven for 20 minutes at 125°C, between baking paper and two glass trays. Then it was put in the oven again between baking paper and two bowls for 20 more minutes. Finally, it was put in the oven a third time for two minutes using just one of the bowls so the material will be in direct contact with the heat. In this case, it was important to take the experiment out of the oven in the moment when it starts losing its shape and allow it to cool between the two bowls, to keep the form.

GRANNIE 90 / This was a failed experiment that shows the importance of the heating conditions. The material was dyed using red fruits juice and left to dry for two days before doing the folding and sewing. After that, it was put in the oven for 20 minutes, between baking paper and two bowls, at 150°C. As it can be seen, the part that was covered by the bowls didn’t receive enough heat and the part that wasn’t covered got completely burned.


Anhalt University of Applied Sciences
Subject: Eco-Fabrik (SoSe 2015)
Advisor: Dipl. Des. Andreas Bergmann
Dessau, Germany