> A personal assistant for diabetes. 

+DIA was my Master’s thesis project. The proposal consists on an add-on for Google Calendar, which integrates the diabetes-related data with the patient’s agenda. +DIA use technologies such as the Internet of Things to collect most of the information automatically. Once all the information is together, the application could propose tailored recommendations to assist the patient to manage diabetes. Since the proposal is tied to Google Calendar’s mobile interface, most of the design decisions were based on the existing platform.


For more information about the research, design process and conclusions you can check the book here: 


Icons and indicators

Alarm for emergencies

Original Google Calendar Application 

Daily views

Weekly views and notifications

3-days views and notifications

Anhalt University of Applied Sciences
Master's Thesis Project
Advisors: Prof. Dr. Michael Hohl / Prof. Severin Wucher
Dessau, Germany