Arepa Remix

> A video with Arepas recipes.

I did this project for an elective class called “Everything is a Remix”. The task was to take a concept that is easy to understand for a big group of people and to remix it, to create something new. For my proposal I used Arepas from Venezuela, a flat corn cake made of maize flour, usually filled with different salty ingredients. The idea was to mix stereotypical ingredients to make new recipes from a few countries.

I got the idea from my group of friends here, in Germany. Whenever I made arepas, I presented them as “some sort of bread”, and each person should bring the ingredients they want to use. Since my new friends are people from all over the world, the weirdest combinations came out. Being from Venezuela, I found it quite disturbing at first. But now I’m happy to share something from my culture that everyone seems to love so much. So that’s it: mix, shape, bake (or fry), remix, and enjoy!

Anhalt University of Applied Sciences
Subject: Everything is a Remix (WiSe 2015 - 2016)
Advisor: Prof. Bernd Hennig
Edition: Stephanie Muscelli
Dessau, Germany