Hey vero?

That’s how my friends call me, as short for Verónica. I was born in Maracaibo, Venezuela, and I grew up doing crafts and reading books from my grandfather’s library. His illustrated collection of Jules Verne's novels fueled my obsession with hot air balloons. I think they represent me very well because they are related to travels and adventures. Besides, they have a lot of colors and amazing patterns.

I'm interested in visual arts, communication, and social sciences, which is why I decided to study graphic design.  Most of my professional experience is related to independent projects and organizing events for the design community. Both through design or events, I really enjoy creating memorable experiences for people.

In 2014 I moved to Europe to experiment the differences in interaction and visual communication between several countries, which so far has been an overwhelming journey. I’ve been living in and loving Berlin since then. Today, I’m still delighted with the challenge of learning German, doing some people-watching and riding my bike every day.


> Current status: Right now I’m looking for a working position as a designer in Berlin. If you have an offer and you think I could be a good fit for it, let’s talk! 

You can get a copy of my CV here.