My name is Verónica Rivera, but you can call me Vero.

I'm a UX Designer with a background in visual communication and experience in digital health. Organizing workshops and all sorts of events to bring a community together is also something I’m great at.

I’m currently living in Berlin working for a digital agency but I'm always open to new opportunities. Some of my main areas of interest are: Healthcare, Digital Health, Diabetes, Self-Tracking Data, Mental Health, Emotional Intelligence, Wellness, Food and Nutrition, Sustainability and Lifestyle, Crafts, Events. The list changes depending on what I’m reading or listening, so don’t be shy if your project’s topic is not on the list. If you have an offer and you think I could be a good fit for it, let’s talk! 

You can get a copy of my CV here. I can also provide references from previous employers, so please let me know if you need them.